How can I use my Otohits points?

In this tutorial we will show you how to use Otohits points and deliver visits to your website.
Registration is a traffic generator website in which you can earn points and use them to boost your own website’s traffic.
Here is instruction on how to use your Otohits points to increase the traffic of your website;
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Now you can login on where you find your dashboard as below:

register Otohits website
Use Otohits Points
My Sites

Simply go to “my sites” under “my account” in the menu,

Add Site

Click on “add a site” button and enter your website’s URL,

Then select the category(Safe, PTP, Adult or With sounds)

Use Otohits Points
Use Otohits Points

Afterward, you should set the timer(10 to 600 seconds per view). The best number you can set here is the one you can find in your analytics status of the given URL so that it sounds real and does not harm your analytics stats.

Next time you can save the template and load it in the template section.

After you click the “add the site” button, you will return to the previous page where you see a list of your given URLs.

Now click on the settings button in front of the URL in the list and click on “Advanced options and info” button,

Your Advance Options

  • You can view the number of visits to your website here.
  • You can also set advanced options for the maximum performance that you desire to get from the visits.
  • Visits Throttling: Set to acquire the maximum visits per hour (set to zero for unlimited traffic)
  • Use advanced throttling: Set visits for certain hours in a day
  • Geolocation: Select the visit location
  • High quality traffic: Visits from high quality IP addresses
  • Hide the referrer: Select this option to hide Otohits as the referrer
  • Change the referrer: Change the referrer of the visits
  • Change the user-agent: Select the devices that visits come from
  • Page scroll: Simulating the scrolling when page loads
  • Clicks: Simulating clicks on internal links

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